Order Information

Below are the share prices for the 2017 season with and without shipping included.

If you are ready to place your reservation, please scroll to the form at the bottom of the page. Thank you!

2016 Shares Price List with Shipping to Lower 48

* Note: Prices below include boxes, insurance, and shipping via FedEx Standard Overnight Express shipping to the lower 48...We will contact you to arrange a ship date. Be sure to ask friends and family to share one or multiple shares...the price per lb is better both on fish and shipping and saves you money!

1 Full Share (20 lbs): $399

2 Shares (40 lbs): $699

3 Shares (60 lbs): $1019

4 Shares (80 lbs): $1299

5 or more shares: please contact us for the best possible price.

2016 Shares Price List with Transport to Anchorage

Estimated delivery to 10th and M Seafoods in Anchorage sometime between July 15th and late August. These shares are boxed and transported to a local seafood store with storage facilities. Any storage charges for packages left beyond the pickup day are the responsibility of the purchaser. You will be given notice as to what day we will be delivering. Price includes a wax cardboard box and transportation from Homer to Anchorage.

1 Share (20 lbs): $295

2 Shares (40 lbs): $535

3 Shares (60 lbs): $755

4 Shares (80 lbs): $955

5 or more shares: please contact us for the best possible price.

2016 Shares Price List for Local Pickup in Homer

Make your reservation by submitting the reservation form. We will call you when your order is available for pickup at Coal Point Seafoods on the Homer Spit, most likely after July 1st. Prices include sales tax. THIS PRICE LIST IS FOR FILLETED, VACUUM PACKED, and FROZEN fish only and does not include a box. You may purchase a shipping container at Coal Point at time of pick up. (If you would like to reserve unprocessed, whole salmon...see below.)

1 Share (20 lbs): $275 (starting at approximately $12.75/lb plus local tax)

2 Shares (40 lbs): $515

3 Shares (60 lbs): $735

4 Shares (80 lbs): $915

5 or more shares: please contact us for the best possible price.

Whole Fish off the Boat!

If you are able to meet us at the dock, we can delivery freshly caught, whole fish at exceptional prices. These fish are bled and immediately iced so their quality is unsurpassed. We begin delivering to the Homer boat harbor in late June.

  • Place a reservation to be placed on our call list and to let us know how many fish you'd like to reserve. We only catch what we can sell.
  • We will email you the day before to let you know when we expect to make a trip and then you will receive a call the day of the fishing opener to come out to the harbor to pick up your salmon (you will need to be able to come out within a couple hours of the call and should bring a cooler or tote for your fish). Generally, we arrive in the harbor in the later afternoon or evening.
  • There is no guarantee that we will be able delivery your share on any particular day due to many variables, including weather and strength of the fish run. Thanks for your patience! For quickest response, please provide a cell phone number and we will text you from the boat!
  • Payment is expected at time of pick up at the boat. We accept check, cash, or credit card.

Not sure how many salmon to reserve? A red salmon averages 6-8 lbs. and will net approximately 3.5 - 5.5 lbs. of fillets. A chum salmon averages 8 lbs and will net approximately 6 lbs of fillets. A silver salmon averages 6 to 10 lbs and will net approximately 3.5 to 7 lbs of fillets. For the best return for your money, let a professional fillet your salmon and have the portions vacuum packed and frozen at the commercial level (visit Coal Point Seafoods, next to the Homer Harbor).

2017 Whole Fish Prices

Whole Sockeye (red) salmon - $20/fish

Whole Keta (chum) salmon - $10/fish

Whole Coho (silver) salmon - $20/fish

Ordering Information

Please read the notes below and complete the form below. Thanks!
  • Starting on January 1st, 2017, we will take reservations for shares of salmon. A share is 20 lbs of filleted, portioned, vacuum-packed, and frozen sockeye salmon. One pound of salmon serves two. Depending on your family size and how often you eat salmon, you can order accordingly. The shipping rate gets better the more you ship, so order together with friends or family. We estimate we can begin shipping shares near the end of July. You will be contacted to confirm ship date and delivery options.

  • The individual portions will vary between .75 and 1.25 lbs in size. These fillet portions may contain bones. The prices for shares include cost of fish, packaging, boxes, shipping, and insurance. If you live in Alaska, we can send boxes to Anchorage for pick-up (complete form and let us know if that's the case).

  • Due to the perishable nature of the fish, we ship FedEx Standard Overnight to the lower 48. If your area should require Priority Overnight shipping, there is a $20/surcharge per share. Read more about the shipping policies. The market value of the fish this season starts at around $11/lb with discounts for larger share portions. With shipping, the cost per pound averages $14-$16/lb. Even with shipping, it sure beats prices in other places AND you know exactly where your fish is coming from. Shares this season are limited so please get on the list today if you are planning on ordering.

  • If you are in the Homer or Anchorage areas and do not require FedEx overnight shipping, we can eliminate that cost and save on shipping. You may arrange pickup in Homer or we will transport the boxes to Anchorage starting early August. We will notify you of the estimated arrival date/time in Anchorage at 10th & M Seafoods.

  • Use the form below to place your name on the waiting list for shares. We will contact you when we have secured your fish and are able to arrange shipping/delivery. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at any time (or use contact form on the website).

  • 10% off orders placed before March 1st, so don't delay! Our fish are beautiful, healthy, and tasty!

  • When you place your reservation, we will contact you for payment via Paypal invoice sometime after June 1st. Your payment will confirm your reservation for fish. Due to the nature of fishing, if we are unable to fill your order for any reason, you will receive a full refund.